Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting

A large thread crochet doily with skulls all around it, a long dress knitted out of (I think it was) 856 thinly cut dollar bills, an entire outfit knitted out of newspaper, and a delicate and beautiful Shetland lace piece with the words IT SUCKS knitted (embossed) in the center. All the pieces tell a story about the role and perception of the needle arts, or pushing the art form to a new level or politic and environmental issues.
Erna Van Sambeek and many others.

Dave Cole's video about how he knitted a flag with giant knitting needles attached to excavators is brilliant. I really enjoyed the exhibit and I think I am going to go back tomorrow. 


Deborah said...

So interesting. Aren't you so happy to live where you have access to such culture!

kass said...

Alma I went to this exhibition when I was in NY last month and found it fascinating! I saw some amazing galleries and exhibitions in the city, really one could go to a different gallery every day and not see everything! It was wonderful!