Monday, July 9, 2007

the end of the school year...


June is always a fun and busy month around here.
An end-of-school trip to the Central Park Zoo with Julian's class, Field Day with Rose's class, Julian's graduation from Pre-Kindergarten, birthday parties to attend, school performances, organizing and hosting a sleep-over birthday party for Rose and 7 of her friends. Since Rose's birthday is in late July and most of here friends are away, we decided to have an early party for her. 



Fairy Bluebird, Polar Bear, Seals and a Gentoo Penguin at the Central Park Zoo.




This school year went by so fast. I can't believe my little guy is already a, so proud.


Now it is time for Pottery Day Camp, swimming lessons, Summer Reading Program at the library and anything else that I am forgetting or that pops up.

I am have been making these.
They are made out of large brown paper bags. Recycle Baby!



The next thing is to work on the class I am teaching at ArtFiberFest.


Dawn said...

I love to see polar bears in the water! sounds like your summer is in full swing with all the projects and activities going on. Love Rose's birthday cake, how yummy and beautiful looking.

Mimi K said...

your bag ladies (!) are beautiful!

tracie Huskamp said...

Hi Alma...
GOSH.. it is getting to be that time.. as fall is coming quick.. I am looking forward to seeing you dear friend. You wonderful smile, laughing, and having fun.
Your little guy is so cute!!! and all grown up graduating from Kindergarden... OH MY!