Wednesday, September 26, 2007

snip, snip, iron, iron, stitch, stitch...

snip, snip.....cut fabric.

Noise, horns, bumper to bumper.

iron, iron.....fusible on fabric.

Heat rises. I can feel the heat generated by the cars ascend up to my window.

stitch, stitch.....a new piece.

I hear a helicopter in the distance.

What the heck is going on?

Helicopter....gets louder, closer.

What is this mid-day madness?

I look out my window and I see police barricades everywhere.....and an army of heavily armed police officers directing traffic.

What the?

It takes me a while to realize that MAYBE I should find out what is going on. I mean.....I do live in NYC and something major could be happening.

I put on my shoes.....rush out the apartment.

Asked a police officer about this commotion. 

She said, "the President is here,.....if you stand on 96th street you will be able to wave at him".  She smiles.

(I think) What? wave at him.?....are you insane lady?

If I stand anywhere amidst this chaos, awaiting President Bush to drive by.....and I suddenly decide to raise my hand up to would be to ask him to pick a finger.

So much commotion for absolutely Nothing.
Go back upstairs.....snip, snip, iron, iron, stitch, stitch.



Dawn said...

hehehe, priceless! pick a finger, I love it.

amber said...

Love the srunchie fabric scrumble thing!

Karoda said...

My comments on the commotion are unsuitable to leave here...cut, cut, snip, snip, stitch, stitch, iron, iron...

Deborah said...

Me too!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

ROTFLMAO! Yes, yes, yes.

star said...


tracie Huskamp said...


Sue said...

Couldn't agree more...