Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fabric Painting Tutorial

Here is a quick and easy Fabric Painting tutorial.
100% cotton white fabric
acrylic or fabric paints
Paint brushes
container of water
paint palette ( I use the lid of a plastic box)
plastic table cloth to protect your work surface ( I use a small mat)
Hand wash the fabric to remove the sizing.
Place the fabric on the work surface.
Decide on a background color.
Here I have decided to go with Yellow.
I diluted the paint with a bit of water and painted the entire fabric in yellow.
I could stop here....if all I want is this shade of yellow.
But I don't. So I decide on another color.
So will go with this bright blue. Again, I dilute it with a bit of water.
I add circles and swirls in Blue.
Now I have decided to add another color.
So I paint more circles and swirls in Halo Pink Gold.
This is what the entire piece looks like after all the painting is done.

Let it completely air dry. Once it dries, place it in the drier on High/Hot for 10-15minutes of so.
This will heat set the paint to the fabric. (You can also iron it to heat set the color)

There are many ways of painting your own fabric. After you paint your fabric, you can stamp on it, apply Elmer's Blue glue as a resist, or draw on it. If you don't like your final painted result...just paint odd shapes on it in a different color. That usually works. You can also alter it by over stitching a contrasting fabric on it. The idea here is to have fun and create a fabric of your own liking.


Dawn said...

Brilliant! thank you for sharing this tutorial. It may come in handy one of these days;)

Sue K. said...

I'm going to do some fabric painting this weekend. I've already pre-washed the fabric. I'm assuming I should wet it again so it's damp when I paint, right?
I love your painted fabrics - can't wait to get started.

Alesia said...

Love It! Thanks for sharing such a simple, fun, expressive technique. I can't wait to try it and share it with my boy, who loves to paint and create also.

Frederique said...

Thank you so much to share this great tutorial with us! One day, I will try... when my sailboat will not move too much!!

Moira said...

Thanks for the clear instructions and photos. It's always interesting to see what make of paints people have.

madhvi said...

i am from jndia. if u enjoyed deepak chopra there are many writers that u will enjoy. namaste.

Geri said...

What beautiful art you create, I love the fabric and now your tutorials have taken away the fear. At times we think "we can't do it" and go on to something we have done before. I'm ready now to follow in your footsteps..just think of the long path we are all making thanks to YOU>...Best wishes in your career and personal life. HAPPY SPRING

pinki said...

i have a question that after fabric paiting the brush became so hard... so how i clean the brush and make it again soft..

Trish Robbins said...

I used a spray bottle filled with water to moisten the fabric and moved across the wet fabric with thinned Liquitex paint. It made a watercolor look. Then I splattered contrasting colors into the wet fabric, and enjoyed the bleed of paint on the fabric.

emm said...

thankyou so much for sharing and for these clear pictures and such short upto the point tutorial and for telling every part and clearly.hope it helps me for my competition in school.