Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

This year Rose decided to be a pirate and Julian a vampire. Since they
couldn't find anything they liked, (good thing my kids are picky)
they agreed to let me make it for them.


I took an old Gap shirt, black fabric from an old costume, cut strips, added a sleeve and stitched it all on.


I Googled for an image of a skull, took it and printed it onto fabric and fused it onto
the shirt to cover the flowers.  I used scraps to make the eye
patch. She wore black pants and boots. Instant Pirate costume.

(At her school Halloween Party- Friday  Oct 26th)

For the Vampire costume, I just bought a yard of a shiny black fabric that had gold bats on it. Hemmed it and stitched a cord in the center. He dressed up all in black. Instant Vampire costume.


We walked everywhere.



Interesting signs long our trick or treating way.....




The Candy Stash



Maggie said...

great costumes. nice stashes of candy too.

Amber Dawn said...

Awesome collection of treats!
Lucky kids!

Monica Magness said...

Holy smokes! check out that pile of treats! Gorgeous smiles, fantastic walk through of your frightening journey,.. wha? Out of Candy? signs along your path?!?! Still seems you made out like a bandit- innovative costumes & all. Art on, Monica :)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Awesome costumes! And wow, you guys came home with a load of candy! I'm glad we don't have that much -- I have such a sweet tooth and *so* don't need to put on more pounds! ;-}

Lori said...

Great costumes! What a haul of candy!

Allison Aller said...

Love that witch pumpkin!
Fun to see Halloween in Manhattan....and who plays the guitar in your house? ;-)

suzi finer said...

very resourceful!