Thursday, December 20, 2007

I refuse to be a part of this....

People are rushing, running, over spending, stepping over each other trying to get this and find that.... so very sad.

I will not:

-run around looking for that ‘PERFECT’ gift.
-wait an hour and a half in line at the post office.
-buy my kids stuff that....three days later, I will find neglected under the couch.
-participate in the shopping frenzy that unfortunately comes with this time of year.

Do I need the stress, no.... not really.

I like the idea of gift giving and I like this time of year, but the shopping frenzy, I can seriously do without.


My friends will not receive a gift from me.....not now.
The best time is after the madness.
I have a long list of friends whom I care for and would love to mail them something beautiful.
After the craziness settles, I will be able to find or create something that expresses my gratitude and love...a token of my appreciation.

Right now, I refuse to be a part of the madness. 
What is this time REALLY about? Let's focus people....let's focus.


Angelica said...

Oh Thank you! I thought i was the only person in the world thinking that. I just sit back and watch and i cannot figure out why people insist on being part of that. I want to be relaxed for Christmas, thank you. Although, i will get my loved ones prsents, but just not like that.

katie said...

you've expressed my thoughts exactly!
what a relief to know that i don't have to get caught up in it all if i don't want to...
wishing you and your family a joyous holiday, alma.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Yes, exactly, Alma! I love to give (and especially make) presents, but things get too hectic this time of the year, and then I get crabby as I try to crank out the presents. Ugh. I almost did it again this year, but then I stopped and decided that I would mail lovely things that I've made AFTER the holidays. (I did stand in line at the post office. Mailed packages to our extended family -- this is the latest I've been in years. It was actually pleasant, though. Folks were in good spirits, the postal workers had put out cookies, and there were few grouches to be seen.) Happy happy holidays, happy new year!!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

PS: I love the self-portrait!

Amber Dawn said...

*Words well expressed*
Alma, even I who do not see the holiday as a commercial free for all... Well, one that I participate in... I was all set to ask if we could run by your house this weekend because I was SO behind on my mailing of *stuff* since before Thanksgiving! (I made all of my gifts this year)
I was rushing then, still rushing now, and I am SO TIRED!
I just want to curl up on the couch and read a book!
Thank you for at least helping me to clear my mind and settle down.
Thank you for writing what you did... Some other people's blogs had me even more stressed after reading about their worries and stress for finding "THE" gift...
Cool picture!
Amber Dawn

Monica Magness said...

Amen sista. :)
Have a Merry Christmas Alma,
snuggling up with the kiddies,
sharing sentiments of Christmas's past,
engaging in the warmth from the oven
while baking cookies,
curling up on the couch
while reading a good book...
I hope all your Christmas dreams come true...
you deserve the very best. xo, Monica

Sue K said...

Well said.
I also wanted to stop by and mention that I just saw your work in "Sew Somerset." Congrats!

Jo Wholohan said...

Well said Alma, it really is crazy isnt it :))

suzi finer said...

Happy Holidays to you!