Wednesday, December 12, 2007

like Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

This post is a potpourri of a few of the goings-on in my world.

A visit to the United Nations.



Another wonderful violin recital. Rose was amazing.


Where is Baby Boy Stoller?



He has been a complete sweetheart......sleeping as every position imaginable.


I think he is bored out of his mind. I might need to get him a little friend.


If you see this kid in the Christmas airing of the Maury Povich show.....that is my Julian.

I think the show is trying to go 'CLEAN' now....more family friendly. I don't know, I don't watch a lot of tv. The 'people' from his show got together with the 'people' from his school and yadda, yadda, yadda....his class is part of the show..


I am happy that Julian got to meet Jack Hanna, who was the the kids got to see Squirrel Monkey, Pythons and a host of other animals. Unfortunately, I did not attend, only a handful of parents were allowed.

The kids got a huge gift bag with toys and a box of


which I am enjoying a little too much.

Oh, and what did the HanukkahClaus bring this week.


hot chocolate and a mini Whitman box for each kid.


Yesterday, she brought...I mean, HE brought a giant chocolate Kiss, jumbo pencils, and a Now and Later flavor candy cane.

How nice of HIM.

I have been dabbling in all sorts of things as usual. I have been fighting a nasty headache, fever and general winter funkiness.

 Mother and Child sketch

I have been thinking a lot about this coming year. What do I want to do different?
 What change do I want for myself?

Where do I want to be in six months? I am clearly not where I want to be, not in the creative mind set I know I can be, not in the emotional and physical place I want to I have been thinking a lot about actively working towards a change.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

We had a mini Hanukkah celebration last night -- latkes! (My son went to a Jewish preschool, and we have fond memories of some of the celebrations there.)
Thanks for putting me on your cool blog list -- I'm honored!
I find that the busyness of the holiday season always prompts those big questions in me: Where am I going? What could be different? This year, I am open to BIG dreams and possibilities! I know that you have stupendous things ahead for you, Alma!

Lori Seavey-Christian said...

ooh, I like the hanukkahclaus thing...we do something similar without the cool name. The girls' favorite part is hanukkah balls, which is a bunch of trinkets wraped up into big crepe paper balls. It soesn't really matter what is in them, it's the fun of the unwinding the paper...
On to Christmas... almost ready for that!
Love to you and yours!

Monica Magness said...

Change is goooood, change is neccesary, but... why, oh why is change so HARD to get a hold of? I want to be more polished as an artist, but all I hear in reply, "it is good to want things." hmm. lol I believe the onset of 2008 will bring great change in all of us. Hope your list is easier to write, mine appears to be BLANK at the moment. ~Monica