Monday, January 14, 2008

each stitch is an OM

the ebb and flow of the tides....OM


the inside of a seashell....OM


the vibration the universe constantly emanates....OM

in every stitch exists an....OM


everything that exists, pulsates.....OM

and if you listen carefully,

even the refrigerator hum is an OM.....go figure...OM


Dawn said...

Look at all your colorful stitching! beautiful.

Allison Aller said...

Great new header, Alma!
My son had "The Eternal Om" CD playing non-stop in his room for three and a half years, until it wore out. It was so lovely.
Google them...the link is too long to post here. You might enjoy it, too.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

You put it into words so well, Alma. I love all the crochet, but especially the orange/teal piece -- it definitely vibrates!

kelly snelling said...

stomp! stomp! stomp! amen, alma! i am not "political" by choice but is irresponsible not to be aware during an election year. it is so difficult to watch and listen to the rhetoric and bashing of one another by the candidates. hope is SO important. you are a wise and enlightened woman.