Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Soul


Julian is much better.  
He has Van Willebrands Disease. Without getting into too much about the Van Willebrands factor, and platelets and all of is a blood clotting disorder.

So when he gets cut, bruised or has a spontaneous nose bleed, I am outwardly calm but inwardly a total mess. His fever was quite high and I was afraid it would break out in to seizure.

(candle making in Historic Richmond Town.)

Van Willebrands Disease is actually quite interesting. 
Most people have it and don’t even know it. Ok, so I’ll get into it anyway.
 I know it will help someone.

It is characterized by prolonged bleeding, easy bruising, prolonged or heavy menstrual periods, prolonged or unusual bleeding following a minor injury or dental work.


The problem is an abnormality or a deficiency of a protein called the Van Willebrands factor. 
The VW factor helps blood cells (platelets) to adhere to the injured area and stop bleeding. 

Luckily, Julian has Type 1...which means that he produces the VW factor but a
slightly decreased amount of what is typically normal.

He is fine now....actually, we haven’t had to visit his hematologist in a while. 
So he is doing well right now. I am hoping that as he gets older, it will become less 
of an issue for him.


Rose was great at her school's talent show. She performed New Soul by Yael Naim. 
I was so proud of her...she was really outside of herself on stage. It was the most comfortable I've ever seen her. Her stage presence, her voice.....PERFECTO!




Judy Merrill-Smith said...

So good to hear that your son's recovered! All the photos are great -- esp. the one of your daughter and Baby Boy. Good to have you back on-line!

Nyx said...

Glad to hear all is well! Though I must admit people in bunny suits do scare me.. a bit like clowns :P The rest are very cute :)

monica magness said...

Alma, your kids are so wonderful! Thanks for sharing the ordeals, I know it can't be easy but you seem to make it appear as so. What a GREAT mother you are!
Well, she's done, d-o-n-e, FINI. Please stop by and greet Lady Love Squared and her awsum BAG (thank you), she awaits you.
I'm pleased to say she will be shipping off tomorrow. Shall we all wish her a safe journey?
Thank you for your friendship and involvement inthis project, we def. could not have done this without ya! Art on! love & blessings, Monica :)

karoda said...

This blog ring has been going for a few years but I'm so amazed at how fast your children seem to be growing up. Best wishes!