Monday, July 28, 2008

Create your own fabric labels Part One

There are numerous ways of creating your own fabric labels.
This is Part One of Five tutorials I will be sharing with you about creating custom fabric labels.
StazOn ink pad or other waterproof ink pad
Alphabet rubber stamps
100% cotton fabrics
sewing machine
Stamp on the entire piece of fabric. Be done with all the stamping, all  in one shot.
Then lightly iron it in order to set the ink
Cut the label and a decorative backing fabric.
Machine stitch the label to the backing.
Fold the edges under and stitch.
Done. The End. Fini. Super, super, easy.
Whether you plan to paint, dye or stamping on fabric, it is important to wash it first.
Fabrics are usually treated with sizing/starch, in order to keep it looking crisp and clean.
But this often repels the absorption of inks and paints. 
If all you need is a small piece of fabric, a quick hand washing with a dish washing soap will work fine for this tutorial. 


Dawn said...

Great, great, great. Thank you for the clear instructions. They look GREAT!

Carol Henley said...

Serendipity! I was just thinking yesterday I needed to make s few labels, and viola, you post this tutorial. Thanks! and perfect timing!

pamela said...

HI Alma.,
Great tutorial! LOVed it!

kecia said...

i just got the note in the yahoo group about the tutorial so came over to see. thanks, it's a great idea and your right super easy! thanks for sharing,

Sheba said...

those look great!

Monica said...

Heck ya! No more paying RETAIL for labels, right on! ~Monica :)

Alison said...

sweet! i'm defiantly trying this! thank you :D

Connie said...

Alma--you are AWESOME!! I've always wondered how to create these and what materials to use...Thanks so much for sharing this!!!
Peace & Love.

AWE Shop said...

Hey, thanks for the tutorial. What a great idea! I was just wondering how I should apply my name to some items I made.

Bieha Besh said...

wow,,never tink about dat b4,,so easy yet cheapers cost,,tank much for sharing~weeee

QuiltNCards said...

Everything I see lately looks like a bracelet to me, and this would make a great looking b. I'm going to use words like Dream or Create instead of your name, and sew a tube and turn it out. Put on some pretty findings to close it, or some beads and Voila! Thanks for the Inspiration!

Jean said...

Those are great! So cute and thanks for the tip to wash first.