Friday, May 29, 2009

Fleet Foxes

I am temporarily putting this Playlist in the sidebar to share with you my new favorite band Fleet Foxes. I love the harmonies, the Baroque madrigal-like style fused with a bit of classic rock. It's the kind of music that inspires me to write songs and play the piano again.
check them out. 
Fleet Foxes


Kelly Snelling said...

i almost overdosed on their self-titled album when it first came out. 'love them!

Monica Magness said...

Dancing right along with you sunshine!
Jeff will LOVE these guys sound too, thanks for sharing these stitches of harmony & FUN!

peggy gatto said...

thanks for introducing them to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peggy Giza said...

thank you so much for introducing me to this group woke up my husband with this and he loves it too. Looking for their cd.