Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Museum Wednesday

Today I went to The Met to see the Pen and Parchment and the Francis Bacon exhibit.

But I also wanted to see Vincent. It has been a few months and I had to say Hi. I always take my time with The Met. It is just too much to see in one day.
This museum is alive. You walk in ANY exhibit and you can feel the work move you, talk to you, haunt you. The paintings, the marble, the woodwork even the iron pieces have something to tell you. Just be still long enough to listen.
Saint Joan
My favorite piece is Jules Bastien-Lepage's depiction of Joan of Arc. This piece is HUGE and when you finally notice the misty figure of St. Michael, St. Margaret and St. Catherine standing behind her, it can be (depending on your sensitivity) a little scary. The first time I noticed the saints, I was so startled I let out a really awkward and restrained scream.
I also really enjoy the Madonna and Child pieces.  These and other religious pieces make my legs go weak. I always feel like I am going to fall or all together faint in the presence of these pieces.
And no matter which exhibit I am there to see, I always make my way back to these. Just to say Hi.
They always make me feel heavy and light, happy and sad, strong and weak all at the same time.

 After all the walking, I really didn't have the energy to check out the other exhibits. So I went to the cafeteria and started a new piece in my journal. 



Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Thanks for sharing your tour. I love that you are so open to *feeling* these pieces, and I love that you visit Vincent! AND I love that you have crayons in your supply bag. You go, girl!

Kelly Snelling said...

don't you feel like the luckiest girl i the world? you are! i would probably roll on the floor like a crazy dog to see that van gogh self-portrait. ay, ay, ay! and the big joan of arc!!! whew. i know just what you mean about the emotional roller coaster. so much, so much like a big electrical volt of art-power-sensory-overload. and that embroidered girl on your banner is Gorgeous, alma. kudos!

Shell said...

I have to share with you, Alma. When I was in drama school, one of the advanced exercises was to pick a painting with a person in it and then recreate the person in class. With similar clothes and do the exact same pose and look. It is a challenging exercise, I choose our Joan of Arc there. When I saw her there in The Met, I fell in love with her. She is still my fave, whenever I go back I feel like I'm connecting to an old friend.

kass said...

Oh My. I had never noticed the Saints in the background! I will look closer in December!! Love that you just pull up at the cafeteria and just create - you're an inspiration!!