Monday, December 21, 2009




joanne thieme huffman said...

It's a beautiful name. Long ago, I was in a play in which my only line was "Hijo de mi alma."

Maija Lepore said...

Eveything "Alma" is beautiful!!
Merry Christmas! oxox

Robin said...

I had a great-aunt named Alma. She gave me a heart carved out of rose quartz and I have it to this day. Good name.

Caro said...

I've loved that name ever since reading it in The History of Love ( Just the thought of the name gives me chills and makes me want to re-read the book!

Ann said...

I knew a wonderful woman named Alma. She was our housekeeper when I was little. She called me "Ann Landers". She was 50 years older than I was.
She was also a gospel singer on the radio in Wichita, KS. She was an amazing woman that dispensed the best advice! She raised her granddaughter and her great grandson.
To me, she personified strength and efficiency.