Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Pains the Gray


midnight blue
cold and stone-washed white
a sun tinted day
on a sepia-toned night.

watch the veil of mist 
evolve into a fog
and the cast of gray
walk without a form.

inside the empty fortress
of half vacant rooms
where only shadows reside
and wood floors ache
breathing in the splintered air.

in this, 
this here,
is no place for a viable pulse
or the echo of hearts.
what pains the gray
has lived here from the start.---

The above is an excerpt from a poem I wrote, What Pains the Gray.
These days, I am loving Paynes Gray.


Paynes Gray is a brilliantly versatile color, not quite blue, but not quite gray, not a black either....
it's incrediably mysterious and haunting.


joanne thieme huffman said...

Very effective poem. I love the versatility of Paynes Gray, but have never used it as effectively as this.

Kelly Snelling said...

i, too, love paynes gray. sometimes it is the only color that will do. it can replace black. it is a good neutral. love it. and your piece using it is fab!