Friday, April 30, 2010

An Artist Interview: Jane LaFazio

I am thrilled to share with you another artist interview.
Read on about the amazing and lovely artist
Jane LaFazio
Your art is a beautiful combination
of watercolor painting, fabric art and mixed media....How did you start your creative journey....and how did one
art form evolve into another?
I have a degree in Graphic
Design, but worked in the
technical field for many years. When I returned to fine art, in 1992, it
watercolor. I began collaging on
my watercolor paintings, then sewing on
them. About 2003 I finally realized I bet I could sew on
fabric too, and I added art quilts to my art-making repertoire.

LaFazio_collage 101

What inspires your designs...texture, a color scheme, a story, a place?
I’d say I usually start with
color when I’m
working in cloth or collage.

What is your work schedule like?

hard answer. I have no set schedule. Each day, I do yoga and I make art.
Some days
I teach art. Some part of the day I blog, or write proposals or do some
kind of
marketing. My studio is usually a mess with a multitude of projects in
the making.
I almost always stitch on something
in the evenings, while watching TV with my husband. I always have a long
list of things I need to be doing for upcoming
classes or articles. There’s just never enough time in the day! 
LaFazio_Above the Bog detail

Whenever I create, it is a form of meditation.

Is art meditative, healing and soul enriching for you?

art heals. I mentioned I started
watercolor painting in 1992? Up till then I’d been working full time in
graphic design and marketing, and not doing any fine art at all. Then,
in 1992,
my husband, who was 46 years old at the time, suffered a brain aneurysm.
It was
very serious. I was care giving 24/7 while he worked
at relearning to walk, talk, read and eventually write again. As you can
imagine it was both heart-breaking and very difficult. Someone suggested
I sign up for an art class, to relieve
the stress, and the rest is history. I became an artist. My husband,
still permanently disabled because of his ‘aphasia’ has a happy
productive life and now, 18 years later, we live a very good love-filled
life. So
yes, Alma, art
is healing and meditative and helped me reclaim my spirit.
How did you decide to start blogging?

How has it inspired and made your creative world smaller?
I LOVE blogging!! It really
suits my personality. Thanks to my mother and the self confidence she
instilled in me at a very early age, I
believe that what I have to say is worthwhile. (Now, I don’t
want to put this theory to a test! It’s served me well for humph mumble
some years, and I’m sticking with the story!
J) So sharing my art and
activities through my blog is really fun and fulfilling for me. I
blogging (I just checked) April 18, 2006. Wow, four years now. I’m a
prolific blogger and art maker, so the two work well together. And I’ve
love the people I’ve ‘met’ through blogging and the inspiration and
friendships I’ve made viewing others

Winery pods

What are you reading these days?

reading Mary Fisher’s memoir “My
Name is Mary.” I just taught a workshop at her fabulous studio in
Sedona, and she is an incredible woman.

How did your DVD come about?

Was it something you always wanted to do?
was approached by a small husband and wife company that live locally,
and they
said they wanted to make a DVD of my teaching. It was a total surprise
and I
just went with it! I’m proud of the results and think it’s a great
DVD for beginning quilt artists.


What is your favorite art supply?

side of me who works on
paper would say pen and watercolor, and my cloth side insists needle and
What is coming up next for you?

of teaching this summer.
My workshop schedule even
overwhelms me at times. I love teaching, but there is a lot of
preparation. On the positive side of that preparation, is the extra push
to make things and that always
inspires and ignites my creativity.

Any creative plans for the rest of 2010 and 2011?
is officially full. It’s a big birthday year, and after my busy summer
teaching and travel, my husband and I are planning a trip to Asheville
Carolina in September to celebrate, I mean observe, my birthday. Around
time, I’ll be evaluating my dreams and plans for 2011. To be totally
truthful, our financial situation is
changing in 2011 (and not for the better) so I really have to reevaluate.

LaFazio_Above the Bog
or tea? if so, which flavor...

Vanilla fresh ground coffee, with brown sugar and half & half.
(I only drink two cups a day, and
just drink coffee for the buzz, so I want it to taste good!)


"An early morning walk is a
blessing for the whole day." Henry David Thoreau

draw something is to understand something.”  Dr. Betty


jane lafazio said...

Hey Alma!! thanks so much! I'm looking forward to recieving your zine, and then interviewing you.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Nice interview, Alma! I love Jane's work and blog -- she is very inspiring to me. (Just like you!)

Jeannie said...

Alma, Thanks for interviewing Jane. She inspires me so much and her DVD is fantastic. Wishing you both a great weekend.

Melly said...

Alma! I love Jane and your interview of her is fantastic, thank you.

Gloria Hansen said...

What a great interview, Alma. One inspiring artist interviewing another. Fantastic!

Dreaming Bear said...

What a great interview! Love Jane's work, and she seems like a delightful soul! Cheers!

Diana Trout said...

Love reading your interview with Jane! She's so great and I love her artwork. Thanks Alma

Trudis Felt said...

I'm so happy I found both of you on the web! Reading about your work gives me energy!
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