Thursday, April 8, 2010

thoughts on art and meditation

I created this piece about 6 years ago and just found it....again, while I
was cleaning out the closet and doing some 'de'stashing.

I love this piece...
I can see that every stitch was a sort of mediation for me.
free form and spiritual...
I read some where that because art has healing abilities, some artists
are actually ordained ministers of arts and crafts.

I don't think it has anything to do with the healing arts or art therapy,
which are subjects I am completely fascinated by.
I love the idea of Art, all forms of Art...
taking it out of the applied, studied and academic realm and
making it more accessible, obvious, more everyday.



jane lafazio said...

mmm. a minister of arts and crafts? a bishop of creativity? a priest of pretty stuff, and monk of mixed media? I like it.

lee said...

I so love this, the colour, the beads what a treasure.

Judy Coates Perez said...

I am working toward art nirvana ;-)
I have considered art my spiritual practice for many years. It is good for the soul!

joanne thieme huffman said...

A lovely piece. I like the idea of meditation blending into making art.

kass said...

you blow me away Alma. This is incredible and it lifts MY spirits!!

Gloria said...

What a great looking piece!

Danielle Scott said...

That piece is gorgeous i just want to run my fingers over it and drink in every detail. I will be on the lookout for any pieces you have in this style. Absoutely beautiful. p.s. i checked out your little ones blog he is just the sweetest! my 10yr old daughter is addicted to creating art and now so is my 3yr old daughter.I,m filling the world with artists.

Mija said...

Alma, this should be in a gallery for the world to see, not hiding in your closet!!! Thanx for sharing it with us.