Thursday, June 10, 2010


 I am reading Eclipse now. Took it from Rose's bookcase and....OMG....(insert heart thumps here) I inhaled the first 6 chapters in no time. It reminded me of how much I loved Edward when I first read Twilight.
 Yes, I admit it.....I am one of those 30-something year old women who is in love with this fictional character.....a vampire, a guy, actually, a seventeen-year old kid. Edward Cullen is gorgeous...that's just that. 

 It's silly really but the writing, imagery, the setting is so effortless read.
It concerns my tween daughter only because I am invading her literary world. She isn't all that into it anymore....New Moon was too dark for her and her initial excitement about the series fizzled out. We rented New Moon last week and she was not impressed.
Didn't even gasp, (like I did) when Edward asked Bella to marry him.

 At the bookstore, she actually walks pass the life-size cardboard cut-out of Edward as if its nothing.... completely unfazed, unamused, not so much as a flinch of interest. (which on some level, I am quite happy about,) but meanwhile, I walk pass it and have to make a conscious effort not to stare.
 ....painful really....
It is sad....and when I say sad, I mean sad in the funny way Rose says it....(raised eyebrows, slight smirk, hands on hips, rolling eyes, head shaking)
'Mom, this is really sad, I mean...really.....why can't you read something else.'


Melly said...

I need to finish the story by reading the forth in the series.

Maija Lepore said...

I'm 49, and I gasped too!!! Naughty women we are!

Joanie Hoffman said...

I saw New Moon with my granddaughter & many, many more her age. It reminded me of seeing the Beatles & Stones many, many years ago. You like what you like, no matter what age you are. Enjoy!
(as I am totally enjoying pages & pages of your blog).
Happy days,

Angela said...

Lol, I'm one of those thirty something women too! I don't have any daughters to embarrass though so it's just my dirty little secret :)