Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Treats

I love all sorts of flavored teas.... any with a lemony kick to it, or Earl Gray. I am also loving Tazo's Awake Black Tea, with a little squeeze of lemon, organic sugar and maybe an Irish Soda Bread scone.

 I know I am NOT the only one out there with a love for licorice?
If you love black jellybeans, then you will also enjoy Young and Smylie in the Traditional Black Licorice flavor.
What's the deal with Twizzlers Licorice Twists anyway, Young and Smylie is the real deal.

Back to Nature (chocolate chunk cookies)
Rose and I found these at the Health Food store. I have to say that we often try the Gluten-Free stuff and various alternatives to the sweet stuff we like, only to be highly disappointed.
But these....OMG...are sooooooo GOOD.

Popcorn Indiana (Kettlecorn Popcorn)
 a great balance of salty and sweetness...I love this one.
I am thinking of some interesting desserts recipes in which I could incorporate some of these...
um, we'll see.


Jeannie said...

Thanks for the heads up on the licorice! I love black licorice (yep, even more than chocolate!). Have a great weekend.

helen said...

I've been hooked on that popcorn, too. Usually don't care for kettle corn too much, but this one is incredible. Your "chaos" is indicative of most artists, helps with creation. lol.