Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Licorice Love

ok, so you know how much I LOVE licorice.
I tried these two today.


It's ok.....but nothing like Young and Smylie.
I am cooking up a recipe that includes chopped up licorice in it.
I wonder what would happen if I use licorice instead of chocolate 
chips in a simple cookie recipe.
We'll see.


Cassie Shella said...

I love licorice too - please let us know how the cookies turned out!

martha brown said...

Oh, yum! please report back about adding licorice to cookies!!!!!

malin said...

I´m a huge licorice lover, both the sweet Finnish and the salty one. I´ll see if I can send you some along with my zines... :D

helen said...

Alma, my mom used to make cookies (probably your standard choc. chip recipe) and she put those orange slice candies (i.e. "chuckles"...showing my age. ha!) in them and they were delicious. I see the licorice working out the same, so should be good!Happy baking!!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Yup, another licorice fan here! Gotta admit I still love Good N Plenty. I'll buy myself a box every once a while, and share it with my son, who enjoys licorice, too.

Tamdoll said...

Oooh, I love black licorice. I would LOVE to hear if you make the cookies - maybe I will have to try that myself! I'm imagining a batch of cookies that only I would eat since nobody else in my house cares for the taste (yum!) I've heard of the salty kind, too but haven't seen it here in the US yet.

Christine/La Viscountess said...

oh my god!!!! some other liquorice addicts... i thought i was alone!!!! liquorice is like a drug for me... i have to stop to think and write liquorice, i want some, i want some, i want some!!!!