Saturday, October 16, 2010

how to make a tie

Tutorial: how to make a tie

 I heart ties, but I have yet to find a cool one that actually fits. 
Men's ties are either too wide, too long or too 'ugh'. Boy's ties are too short and the fabric is always too 'blah'. It is never small enough, long enough, pretty or flattering enough. Traditional tie making is a total drag. You have to cut one length on the bias and the other length on the grain of the fabric. Then you have to cut interfacing and the lining. By the time I was done cutting, I couldn't tell what was what. 

So, here is a colorful and easy alternative.

I know I am not the only one out there dying to get her tie fix on. So for all you tie-loving gals out there.

This one is for you.

Make it and Rock it.

Any color, any size, any design you want.


Draw a tie shape. Any length or width.

Draw a tie shape

cut the paper pattern out.

Cut pattern

pin and trace the paper pattern on to a piece of felt.

Trace pattern on felt

Place the felt on the wrong-side of a piece of fabric and pin  

Wrap and pin on fabric

Until it looks something like this.

Pinned tie back

Iron it to define the shape.

Pinned tie back close up

set it aside.


Pin the paper pattern on a different piece of fabric.
Cut the fabric about 1/2 an inch larger than the pattern.

Pin pattern on fabric lining

Turn it over and use the paper pattern as a guide.

Shape the fabric into a slightly smaller tie form.


 Shape lining to pattern

Iron the lining while the pattern is pinned to it.

Ironing will help define the shape.

 Ironing lining 2

Pin the lining to the back of the tie.

Then hand sew it.

  Pin lining to the tie


  Cut a triangular piece of fabric, and a small triangular piece of felt.

Cut triangular fabric:felt

Assemble the tie as shown. 

   6 photos  

Hand sew the back of the knot.

   Stitch triangle


cut two strips of fabric about 18 inches long (fig.1)

fold it in half, and then in half again (fig.2) 

 Fold two fabric strips

Fold over the raw edge, pin and stitch it to the back of the knot,

like so.

Pin knot

Stitch knot



Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Very fun, Alma!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi Alma! Love your new blog! Lookin' good!!! And I love this tutorial! I think I might have to make some of these!!!

vilterietje said...

Hello Alma!
This morning Igot a message from Trudis to visit your blog. It's great! I'm your follower now and will show your blog on my own blog.
Thanks for all your explanations.
Love, Riet

Bohemian Brown Sugar said...

My 7 year old daughter loves ties. This will make good use of my fabric scraps. Excited to make a few for her stocking stuffers.