Saturday, April 23, 2011

Featured Artist: Ingrid Murray

"Go play, explore, twirl, skip, climb. Pick flowers. 
Watch the clouds passing lazily overhead. 
Listen to the breeze. Feel the sun on your skin.

Enjoy this moment... this one. Right here. 
The one you can reach out and touch with your finger right this very second. 
It will never pass by you again.

Be wonderful, entrancing, radiant, glowing, happy, and light.
Be you.
And enjoy it."

These are the kinds of poetic and inspiring entries you will read in 
Ingrid Murray's blog, My Peace Tree.
It is a fusion of art journal, photography and everything in between.
Open, real, brave, expressive and honest.

It is a look inside an artist who is brave enough to let you see 
her personal self-discovery journey, her vision through photographs and collages,
the life lessons she learns, her grateful heart and simple joys.

"In what ways do you define yourself? 
Are you gentle with yourself, or are you setting yourself up
 to impossible standards, like me? 

Be assured that you are, no matter what, a beautiful, unique, 
incredible soul and who is so, so loved. 
You are so very important to this world, as perfectly imperfect as you are!"

She is currently teaching a class called, 
Beautiful You, Radiant You.

Take a look at more of her art work and photographs
in her Flickr page:


Natasha said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow!!! OH Alma thank you thank you, thank you for sharing this amazing artists. Her words and her images - especially that first one - spoke to a deep place in my heart. She made me want to share my soul...I am a fan, a true, blue fan. Excellent post!!

ingrid {my peacetree} said...

oh, alma! you're so sweet and kind! thank you so, so much for this. i've been super busy (and sick, too), but i'm aching to get my own "featured artist" post up soon!

lots of love,

Connie said...

I just adore Ingrid...absolutely adore.

erin said...

Lovely post! Ingrid is such a beautiful artist...

Lisa said...

WHOA....fascinatingly beautiful! THAT must be what comes of following those words, and that is what I want to be. Thank you Alma, and thank you Ingrid.

Lauralee said...

Hello. Started following your blog. Come check out mine sometime.

Cassie Shella said...

oh thanks so much for sharing! I am going to visit her blog right now, such inspiring words:) Also love the soap box canvas - I'm going to do this project with my girls this weekend.

Lisa said...

I'd like to add my "thank you" to both of you! Amazing artists, teachers and beautiful souls! Love! ♥♥♥