Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Featured Artists:
Lisa Wilson
Connie Hozvicka

I am so thrilled, excited and beyond-the-moon delighted to introduce you to two super amazing artists that are a part of 21 Secrets. This is a super fantastic art community where 21 artists teach 21 different classes, all for 59 buck-a-roos. Class started April 1st, but you can still join in the fun.

These women are brave, talented, honest and open about their art and lives and their willingness to grow, learn and expand as individuals. I introduce you to Lisa Wilson and Connie Hozvicka.

Lisa Wilson works as a registered yoga teacher, artist, and mother. I love how she describes herself,
"I am an awareness artistI use the tools of yoga, art, story-telling, humor, and other creative  ventures to enhance awareness of experiences that go beyond words.  I provoke awareness of  what IS and what is being ignored."

Isn't that wonderful, specially the part,'I provoke awareness', wow!, In her class, Yoga + Art: Journaling into Awareness, Lisa, gently guides you from the yoga mat to your art journal with ease and a greater sense of awareness. Stop by her blog, as she reveals lessons in awareness about her life and she and it evolves. She reveals bits of her own struggles and observations which then allows and prompts you to examine your own situation. I love that. So fearless, brave and connected.

Connie Hozvicka, works as an Artist, owner of 
Dirty Footprints Studio and the host of 21 Secrets.
She is fearless, brave and the leader of a creative movement she has started called Fearless™ Painting. I love how she describes herself, "I’m all about being an Artist with a capital A and giving myself full permission to embrace, LOVE, nurture, and honor exactly what Art means to ME in my own life."

And that is how she approaches teaching, by encouraging your authenticity to bloom and shine. It really is something that must be experienced. In her class, Abstract Adventure, she leads you into a bold and juicy approach to painting.

 I know you will love it.


Lisa said...

Oh Alma, THANK YOU. It is so hard reading so much about myself...I am truly honored and humbled. I'd say more, but I'm getting choked up...thank you thank you.

Natasha said...

Alma what a great feature on these two women!! I adore them - they are so talented and have so much to share, like you. Thank you for shining such a warm, beautiful light on these inspiring, FABULOUS artists!!!