Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rose's Quilt

This is the very first quilt I ever made. 
Many projects came before this one, but this one was the first completed....labeled and all. 

This quilt is always around. 
It has gone from the crib to the stroller. 
From her bed to the couch.
Someone is always tangled up in it, under it, beside it...
and it seems we aren't even aware of it.
Even the cats gravitate to it.

I made it when she was two, and it got me thinking about how this piece of cloth has witnessed 12 years of our family's history. Made from fabrics I bought in a little country store in Vermont. Each heart is hand appliqued and made out of scrap from dresses 
Rose outgrew or that were too raggedy to hand down.

Rose wearing one of the dresses I recycled

I remember that it didn't take me very long to finish it, even though
 I really didn't know what I was doing.

It is now old and worn, but I think better for it because of what it has endured.

We forget that it isn't any ordinary piece of cloth. It isn't a thing made 'special' by the person who made it. For me, it isn't just a thing to hang up on the wall to soften the echo in a room. It isn't even a thing to look at and simply admire as much as it is a thing to live with, nestle in, drag about and love with all your heart.

I suppose the real issue here is that this whole thing has gone just way too fast and 
Rose's Quilt is here as a reminder of those baby moments I love so much.

Rose is now 14 and about to start high school in September.
I am left wondering, how did this all happen so fast.
I am sure.....positive it is a universal feeling.... but this little homespun piece of nearly shredded cloth holds memories, carries a weight and a history only it knows and when we stop to hold and look at it....we can begin to remember every little step along the way.

The evidence of what it was, what it meant and what it now still is, is found in photographs, in the many places it travelled with us, in the memories we hold so close to heart. So, the point is this.....get your treasured quilts out of the closet, and use it in your everyday life. It can't be a 'treasured' item if it hasn't been loved and lived in. It will never be considered 'treasured' or mean anything to anyone that matters to you if it hasn't been used somehow.  I think it holds little meaning to a child if it has been folded in a closet somewhere. I want them to look back and say... "Hey, remember when I couldn't fall asleep without it... Remember when I made the first rip in it. Remember when paint splattered all over it. Remember when we almost lost it in the rain."
Allow it to have a colorful and splendid history.

Rose and Julian on the quilt

I guess that can be said about anything dear and loved..... 
and that is all a part of the continued legacy of 
Rose's Quilt.

Rose (age 14)


Sofia L said...

I agree 100%. I want my baby boy to use his quilt everyday until it has holes in it and tons of memories. I also hope to make one out of his baby clothes. Its so sad how fast the time goes but also exciting to see them become their own person. Great job!!

Bonita Rose said...

what a heartfelt post... I feel all you feel. My girls are both teenagers.. and I miss the days when they were little. xo hugs

vilterietje said...

what a heartwarming blogpost, I enjoyed it very much! thanks:)

The Dreaming Bear said...

Love this! We wear all of our quilts completely out. I mean...OUT....they have to be in shreds before we give them up. I'm missing the days when my kiddos where little...but it's also fun to see them grown into themselves. Thanks for sharing!

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

oh so nice, so true. :)

purplesunset24 said...

What a beautiful and cherished quilt. Thanks for sharing... You brought up a lot of wonderful memories for me.

grandmarockton said...

Quilts are like LIFE, have to live,feel, dirty,hurt: before ITS treasured for the memories!

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler said...

Ahhhh! Thanks for making me cry this morning. What a splendid post. You really got the heart of the reason why we create. And thanks for sharing Rose's quilt. I just adore heart quilts & have made many myself.

Have a super day!

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler

Teddi said...

i adore this post!


Quiltbenaco said...

Molto carino questo blog!
Ciao dall'Italia