Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tutorial: How to make a personalized butterfly pendant

Okay, so I understand why I can't find any personalized items with the name Alma on it. ok, I get it. 
But to walk into a kids store and not see anything with the eternally classic name Rose on that is just wrong.
No Julian either....or any related version of the name.... Jude or Jules.
Come on now.... seriously.
Instead, you can find every possible version of Elizabeth, from Liz, Eliza, Beth and even Bethany....but no Rose. You can find Darius, Kelsey, Nathaniel, Brody, Tiffanie with an 'ie' and Bryan with a 'y', but no Rose.

So, I decided to fashion something out on my own. 
And actually, this is what I love about being an artist... the challenge.

I created a super easy tutorial for making these personalized butterfly pendants. Made out of sturdy paper, adhesive, and a little bit of magic, any one can make this. It took several practice sample pieces to get the design just right, but here is the finished product.
I am really excited to share this new design with you.

For the artist who would like to give this a try, 


Danielle said...

These are great and would be a wonderful project for my 13 year old granddaughter. I might even make a few for my friends too.

oh mercy said...

So cute. I empathize Alma. I went so far as to change my name which was "Melchiore" - yes, my first name.

And what about songs, has anyone ever in the history of the
world written to an Alma or a Melchiore...
"Oh Mandy"... I mean "Oh Alma" from Mr. Manilow

"Melchiore" by Toto... Instead of Rosanna?