Monday, November 14, 2011

Dirty Footprints Studio
21 Secrets 2012

There are so many wonderful online workshops coming up in 2012. Aside from STITCHED, I am also participating in another round of the art journaling workshop called 21 Secrets.
Now, if you already know about 21 SECRETS, then you know that it is hosted by the super talented Connie Hozvicka, whose blog, Dirty Footprints Studio is one of my daily reads.

If you are new to 21 SECRETS, you'll be in for a delightful surprise.
21 amazing artists, 21 different and creative video workshops, a supportive community in a totally private site. I have created a really fun workshop exclusively for 21 SECRETS.
Read more about 21 SECRETS and the other participating artists HERE.

Aimee Dolich 

Alma Stoller 

Christine Mason Miller 

Christy Tomilson 

Connie Hozvicka 

Dale Ann Potter 

Diana Trout 

Dina Wakley 

Dion Dior 

Gina Rossi Armfield 

Jenica McKenzie 

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer 

Karin Bartimole 

Kathryn Antyr 

Kelly Barton 

Ken Robert 

Martha Lever 

Nolwenn Petitbois 

Traci Bunkers 

Tracie Hanson 

Zom Osborne 


LoSiNg My MiNd said...

OH! I hope I can be a part of this! It sounds like just what I need to get out of my cfreative funk!! How do I keep in the loop!?

Trece said...

OMG!!! I gotta have this!!! Starting to save my pennies tonight!