Thursday, November 3, 2011

Introducing :
STITCHED 2012 instructors

STITCHED is a collection of 20 online video workshops by 20 amazing and talented fabric artists. Each workshop provides you with high-value and high-content information to get you sewing, designing and creating.

I am also delighted to have the support of some amazing companies which will be providing me with some great giveaway items and products for several lucky STITCHED registrants.

 You will also get a full video workshop about Fabric Jewelry by me, 5 additional mini video workshops, a printable pdf file which includes patterns and related instructions from each workshop, as well as the support of our awesome instructors in a completely private site.

STITCHED begins January 1st 2012
more information, giveaways, updates and surprises will be posted as we go along.

I am delighted to introduce you to the 20 amazing artists that are a part of STITCHED.

Annie comes from a family of seamstresses and quilters, so really had no choice in the matter. She was put in sewing classes each summer from a very young age, and couldn't be more grateful! She absolutely adores it. Annie works tirelessly for the online shop, founded by her Sister, Lorna Phillipy. She is a computer whiz, creative quilter, photographer, painter, artistic consultant etc. etc. etc! Not to mention devoted wife and mother of two. Annie was born in Illinois, but has lived most of her life in the Salt Lake City area, though she's been able to do some fun traveling as of late. She is fearless and a dynamo. She's got her finger on the pulse of all that is new and trendy. Believe it or not, she is a cosmetologist as well, plays the violin, sings, dances - great at anything she tries! 

Deborah Boschert is a fiber artist living in Crofton, Maryland. In her busy basement studio she creates fabric collages, art quilts and other bits of crafty goodness. Her work is infused with personal symbols, unexpected materials and layers of detail. She has been published in several books and magazines and her art quilts have been seen all over the world. Her favorite color combination is green and purple and she kicks off every morning with a cuppa coffee and a crossword puzzle… after the kids get on their way to school! 

Mollie Johanson, a trained graphic designer specializing in print projects, began her blog Wild Olive as an outlet for more whimsical works. Daily dreaming and doodling have resulted in a variety of embroidery and paper projects, most featuring simply expressive faces. Mollie, based in a far western suburb of Chicago, commutes daily to her in-home studio via the coffee pot.

Jennifer Ofenstein is a quilter, pattern designer, instructor and enthusiastic all-around craft enabler from Austin, Texas. She's the owner and editor of Sewhooked and Fandom In Stitches, and hosts a craft vlog community called Talk To Me Tuesday. She enjoys all things whimsical and lives in crafty bliss with her husband, two kids and four cats.

Paula is well known for her beautiful illustrations, notably in her work with The Lang Companies. She was noted for incorporating fabric, stitched paper and found objects into her art. Always in search of inspiration, she scours flea markets, antique stores and garage sales in search of goodies to work into her mixed media pieces. Old department store catalogs, vintage wallpaper sample books, costume jewelry and buttons are some favorites. Although she is better known as an illustrator, the sound of paper being stitched has lured her back into the magical world of stitched paper collage and sculpture pieces and she couldn’t be happier. Her stitched paper dresses, shoes and flowers are quickly being picked up by collectors. Recently she was commissioned by The New York Metropolitan Opera to make paper reproductions of costumes from their collection.

Sara Lawson is completely captivated by sewing. She is interested in sewing bags, women's and children's clothing, quilts, and home decor. In Chicago at her house, sewing hours are late at night after the kids are in bed, but somehow she manages to get projects done. Sewing pattern reviews, tutorials, and sew alongs are just some of the things that you can find on her blog.

Karen Ruane is a freelance embroidery designer working from a little room in her family home. Inspired by women throughout history who have used cloth to create comfort and beauty for their families Karen works exclusively in hand embroidery techniques, continuing tradition and referencing motherhood. Qualified to Degree level Karen adores cloth, drinks too much coffee and can often be found supporting her local football, (soccer) team with her husband and son.

Fiber and mixed-media art have become a passion
for me and save my sanity from the craziness of being Mom. I discovered art quilting while browsing the magazine racks during a rare outing without children. I haven't looked back since. I love playing with color and texture. The softness of wool felt contrasted with shiny glass beads, the way fabric puckers each stitch, and the serendipitous mixing of wet paint all make my heart sing. Fiber and mixed-media allow me the opportunity to play without rules and experiment to my heart's content. 

I am a UK textile artist with qualifications in Creative Studies (Embroidery). A recent Diploma in Art and Design introduced me to the medium of artists’ books, which has been the focus of recent work. 
I am an avid blogger. A comment by a reader talked of my ‘endless inspiration’ and that she enjoyed following ‘where my imagination had taken me’. A comment which I feel nicely sums up my creative life. I enjoy many techniques with the hope that at times they come together to express a meaningful message. 

Joanna is a quilt artist and designer specializing in needle-turn applique. 
She loves modern fabrics, mini-quilts, and shopping at thrift stores. She enjoys baking bread, homemade milkshakes, reality TV (while quilting of course) and is not afraid of color. 

Wendi Gratz believes anyone can sew – and she's on a mission to teach them. She teaches men and women, adults and children – and she loves seeing what her students make. She specializes in bright and cheerful patterns, inspired by children's books and designed especially for beginners. 

Ann Tucker is a fiber artist who creates primarily with recycled wool. She works with recycled wool blankets and sweaters while throwing in hand crocheting or knitting into the mix. Leather and burlap are also found throughout her work. Ann loves purple, cozy homes, Canadian Bacon pizza, rummaging through estate sales, and…purple! 

Cindy Caraway is a beadwork and fiber artist living in Dubuque, IA. Her award-winning jewelry creations have been featured in gallery shows across the U.S. and have appeared in major craft publications. To find out more about Cindy and her artwork 

Dale Anne is a Textile Mixed Media artist who lives in a small town in SW Saskatchewan. She makes art because it brings her JOY every day. She is inspired everyday by the world around her — nature, its textures, rhythms and colours, the materials at hand, fabrics, paper, found objects, and the movement of life — provides her with the ideas and enthusiasm to create new work. 

Penney creates mixed media books and journals inspired by textures, colors, and nature. The daughter of a seamstress (and now a quilter) she absorbed information by osmosis and loves to sew. A hobbyist photographer she incorporates her photos into art as much as possible. Along with photos, Penney adds recycled items, mementos, and bits from nature in unusual ways. Most pieces are finished with zen-like hand stitching. A teacher by trade she loves to share her knowledge and techniques with others hoping to inspire creativity wherever she goes.

I love to create, and I make lots of different things. I love that about my brain and about my hands...they work together to turn ordinary items into art. I started stitching since the first day I could hold a needle and thread in my hand, and haven't stopped since. My mom and my grandmother gave me sewing lessons at the dining room table. I've had a love of creating my whole life, and am now fortunate enough to share my love of stitching with other creative souls. I live and create in Portland, Oregon.

Tracie is a "maker of things". She loves all things fiber but her favorite medium to work with is trash. 
Everyone has it so why not use it! She loves chewing bubble gum, blowing bubbles, hot summer days & laughing until she cries. Check out my book Upcycled Accessories: 25 Projects Using Repurposed Plastic.

Vanessa Wilson is the founder and proprietor of Crafty Gemini, LLC, a sewing, quilting, cooking and crafting video tutorial business that showcases her many talents via her YouTube channel- TheCraftyGemini. After graduating from law school and getting married in 2008, Vanessa (with the help of her husband) decided to turn her passion for creativity and teaching others into a business. She loves teaching practical and functional skills to anyone willing to learn. She is a published quilt pattern designer and long arm quilter. Vanessa has also been featured in the New York Times and on ABC's 20/20 for her crafting tutorials on YouTube. She credits her clear and concise style of instruction with her success. Vanessa lives with her husband and their two children near Gainesville, FL. 

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. My art is a reflection of my curious outlook on life and my love of diversity and individuality. I believe there are no limitations to the imagination. I am self-taught, but owe my love of handmade and my joy of creating to my mom and my grandma. They celebrated the things I made and never yelled about the mess I left behind. I am crazy about working with fabric, fibers and color. There are just so many inspiring techniques, materials and subjects in this world, it's hard to focus on just a few. I believe in using the highest quality materials. I use a lot of up-cycled materials in my work. We all need to care for our mother earth! Adding vintage and pre-loved materials infuses a bit of history into each piece. I made the switch to fine crafts after over 35 years as a fine artist and portrait painter. It has given my creative identity a new life and a fresh outlook. It just goes to show that you can never stop learning and dreaming!
Blog: Sew Old Sew New, 

Kelli Nina Perkins is a librarian, teacher and mixed media artist; in no particular order. She is the author of "Stitch Alchemy: Combining Fabric & Paper for Mixed Media Art" and has been turning common life into art for more than a decade. She's enjoyed writing for Cloth Paper Scissors, appearing on Quilting Arts TV and teaching textile arts. Kelli loves roller derby, handmade soap and stitching the unexpected.

Lynn Krawczyk

Jennifer Swift:
Juxtaposing wire and fabric has been one of the biggest creative discoveries of my life. The night I first really got what I could do with it I couldn’t sleep for all the ideas. Wire hearts with torn fabric strips, mini art quilts with wire words and shapes stitched to them for dimension, colorful wire flowers, they just wouldn’t go away. It felt like something that came out of the blue. But in the years since I’ve remembered the other moments that led to this. Like the first all- from- my- head art piece I ever made was in eighth grade and it was a coat hanger bent into a heart shaped frame with fabric scraps tied to it. Later, when I was in college, I bent wire to create flower shapes that I wrapped around sticks and stuck in a dirt mound in front of the art building to celebrate the first day of spring. When my son was first born I needed to do something that I wouldn’t critique. That would be just play and a creative release. So I put away the pastels and paint and bought a roll of wire. Around the same time I decided to give fabric a try and began to hand stitch mini art quilts. I loved the color of the fabric but really enjoyed the act of sculpting with my wire. Then one day it occurred to me to stitch fabric to wire and I swear my world hasn’t been the same since. The soft with the hard, the dark with the bright never fails to excite me. Really. I also really love the way that working with wire is like sketching, it’s fast and so so fun. Then the next step, stitching, is meditative and gives me a chance to sit, be quiet, and enjoy the up and down repetition. It’s been about 6 years now and in the meantime my work has been published numerous times in magazines like Sew SomersetSomerset HomeCloth Paper ScissorsGreencraft, and Jewelry Affaire. A year or so ago I became a book author when North Light released my book, Creative Bloom: Projects and Inspirations in Fabric and Wire. I’ve also had the opportunity to teach locally, at the International Quilt Festival for Quilting Arts, and in September will be at Art is You in Petaluma, CA. I kind of can’t believe all that’s happened. I truly hope you join me on this next STITCHED adventure!!! To see more pics of my work you can check out my blog, at or my etsy shop, Bird from a Wire.

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Yay! I'm so excited to be included in such an awesome group of instructors!

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Exciting-what a great group!

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I'll be waiting for more info on the classes. Looks like it's got great potential though, and would love to see what you have in store!

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Good luck to everyone involved with this exciting venture. I hope it will be a huge success and inspirational to everyone who joins.

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I am so excited and honored to be included with so many wonderful artists. I can't wait to see all of the projects!

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I, too, am truly excited to embark on this great adventure! Thanks for including me in this creative group of artisans!

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WOW!! Thanks for including me in this awesome group of fearless crafters! Just read all the bios and I'm excited to be a part of STITCHED!