Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and Welcome to STITCHED

The New Year has started out with a bang and the first giveaway (a Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine) has been posted in the STITCHED site. A winner will be announce February 1st 2012. 

Yesterday, I received another wonderful giveaway package full of creative 
and sewing supplies, all for a lucky STITCHED student.

At the moment, I am working on one of the STITCHED workshops by Jennifer Ofenstein.


Deborah Todd said...

Awesome Blog! I joined and shared. Thanks for the contest!

Sequana said...

More prizes! It just seems like the workshops are the big prize.

It's so wonderful over there; I've been moving from group to group watching first vids and picking up the supply lists. Amazing how many things I already have.

You know, Ms. S., that your little cotton ball beads and the square ones too will be so great used in the Heartstrings strings.

Terri Kahrs said...

OMG!! How exciting!!! I watched a few videos last night and can't wait to pick up my IPad again tonight. . . . total inspiration!!! So glad that I "gifted myself"!!! Hugs, Terri ♥

tutorial girl said...

Me too. I'm so glad that I join this workshop, there are really so much fun videos there, that I have so many troubles to pick just on project and start playing with fabric.
The videos are so inspirational and so fun and I'm in the middle of my first project bear blanket...I’m love it. Also have an idea for my next blanket with my kid favorite dog toy for the illustration inspiration....can't wait to see how many great projects I will make this year. Fab isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Only one project at a time. Only one project at a time. Must repeat: only one project at a time!
Love the fun and motivation.

Nancy said...

I don't know which to do first! I've watched several videos to help jumpstart my brain.

I saw on the pictures of the new giveaways and noticed a book 'create your new free form quilts' by Rayna Gillman. That's one I need to look into!