Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My 40th Birthday and a Giveaway

Today is my 40th birthday and although I am busy working today,
 I intend to celebrate at least once a month for the entire year.

To start, I have a BIG SURPRISE for all my blog readers.
I am reducing the registration of STITCHED from 89.00 to 40.00 dollars.
Yes, that is right, like me.......STITCHED is now only $40.

A total of 20 video workshops for only 40.00 dollars.

My workshop is called Beaded Fabric Jewelry,
but there are also 19 other workshops that make up STITCHED.

Workshops by Kelli Nina Perkins, Mollie Johanson, Lynn Krawczyk, Jennifer Ofenstein, Deborah Boschert, Jackie Bowcutt, Joanna Martinez,  Vanessa 'Crafty Gemini' Wilson, Wendi Gratz, Annie Hutchings, Paula Joerling, Nikki Wheeler, Cindy Caraway, Penney Klaproth, Tracie Lampe, Tammy Gilley, Ann Tucker, Dale Ann Potter, Jill Verbick O'Leary, and Jen Swift.

read more about it HERE.


Lastly, starting today May 23 until June 23....  I will be giving away
12 spools of Sulky threads to 2 new STITCHED students. (6 spools each)
The winner will be selected on June 24th and announced in the STITCHED site.

register and read more about STITCHED


linda said...

what a lovely way to celebrate :) wishing you a happy birthday!

Patchacha said...

Happy Birthday Alma, and thanks for "Stitched" which is really a great idea for people who live far from everything (and for the others). I had a lot of fun with the first workshops I Did !