Friday, August 17, 2012

Video Tutorial:
how to make a journal

Make your own art journal out of recyclable materials.
Revamp a cereal box into the cover of your journal and use 
an assortment of paper for the pages of your journal. 
Paint and collage on it as you go along.

have fun...get messy and enjoy.


Fifi said...

big thank you!!!!
seems easy...looks easy when it's done by you ;))))

Cherry47 said...

I love it. You did an excellent job.

Cherry47 said...

Beautiful tutorial. Excellent work. TFS

tronaldte said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing:)

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I love how you staggered the signatures! I must try this!

♥ joleen said...

Loved it!! TFS! :)

Lynda Wood said...

Fabulous! My daughter asked me why I gave her so much cereal this morning - uh, because I want the cereal box! Then she reminded me that she actually asked for porridge.

jackie said...

That is a fun project. Thanks for sharing. I'll try to remember to link to it.

bluegiraffe (Sherry) said...

Wonderful video! Loved the music too.

kluckingbear said...

What kind of "glue" did you use to do the collaging? Great idea, btw!

Alma Stoller said...

Hi all,

thank you for the nice comments.
Recycling is a serious obsession .....cereal boxes are the best for all sorts of things.

As for the 'glue', I use Golden Self Leveling Clear Gel.
I find that it works better than the Regular Gel (Matte or Gloss)


ann c said...

great tutorial.
thanks for the wonderful idea.
now i need more cereal boxes.