Thursday, January 10, 2013

how to make a fabric bracelet

This is a project that I have been teaching via my Etsy shop and at 
various art retreats for a few years now.
You can also make colorful necklaces and other soft sculpted jewelry 
and home decor items with this technique.
I am happy to share it with you.

supplies needed:
pipe cleaners/chenille stems, fabric, felt,
basic sewing supplies,
optional: beads, crochet supplies

You can stitch anything on it... bits of other fabrics, lace, felt beads, metal findings etc...
When you are done, the fabric bracelets will look like this.


For these, I used fabric from an old T-shirt, a dress 
and random scraps from other sewing projects.

You can also add bits of crochet stitches to your fabric bracelet:


Joanne said...

these are cool been missing your posts any new nagazine pages lately

Sue and sew said...

I just love your bracelets! They're beautiful!

Atie said...

Thank you Alma for sharing. This is one of those addictive projects and it will use up some of my stash! Atie

Paula Collins said...

Thanks so much for the free tute! Love them. Gonna try it today! Paula