Sunday, March 10, 2013

Video Tutorial:
how to make a cardboard canvas

This is my process of making a mixed media canvas and a step-by-step look at 
one of the ways I create a painting.

The process is intuitive and freeform.
*No rules*
Mindful of nothing but of putting paint to canvas and seeing what happens.
No consideration of color theory, perspective, realism, or conventional painting processes.
Just do something....and get lost in it.

Create something....anything.

I never buy canvases. 
It just doesn't work for me or what I do.
What I love about handmade canvases is that the materials are readily available and/or free.
I can design it and shape it any way I want, and that it doesn't take up a lot of space.
So, I'd like to encourage you to explore these options.

Over the years, I've posted tutorials on how to make your very own handmade canvas.

The links are below.

Today, I want to share with you a video tutorial of my favorite method...
and probably the easiest one of all. 
This one is great for all kinds of mixed media applications.

cereal box, Golden Regular Gel Matte, and scraps of junk paper


Anonymous said... are always so inspiring!

Joanne said...

love this -- thanks for reminding me about the cardboard canvas -- you are an inspiration

TS Mantis said...

I just discovered you! I so connect with your work. It's fabulous! Love, love, love this tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing.

Marit said...

I found your blog via a link at Tammy 'Daisy Yellow' Garcia's blog... I'm glad she shared a link, I LOVE your work!

Anonymous said...

you have inspired me!

I have been wanting to painting on a circle canvas or panel but have had a difficult time finding what I want or what I could afford (OH MY! so expensive!)

I can make my own!


I think I just love the idea that I can make my own anyway.


Rhonda H said...

Great idea! Now I just need to start collecting boxes from my co-workers! Thanks for the video!

Anonymous said...

Just my kind of canvas - I try to recycle as much as possible as well. (Currently I'm in love with a cool pattern stamped with a plastic package - I use it a lot! :))
Cheers! (I cam over from Daisy Yellow's Link Love)

Shannon Kornis said...

I tried your technique this weekend. Loads of fun and inexpensive. Thanks.

Shirley Douglass said...

I watched several of your videos and they inspired me to keep going forward with my "using what I have". Thank you for the ideas.