Monday, May 20, 2013

Video Series:
freeform painting on a magazine page

This is the 21st video in the series of freeform painting on magazine pages.
I started this video series as an exercise in freeform and intuitive painting. 

It is a great way to play with color, create interesting color combinations,
 develop your painting style while at the same time making your own one-of-a-kind
 collage paper out of the finished piece.

To start, gather all of your supplies.... everything from paint brushes, 
scrap paper and 4-5 different colors of paint.
Everything you like to use should be close at hand so that you can immediately act when inspired.

I use all kinds of paints....and I don't prime or gesso the magazine page.
I like to start with a coat of a heavy body acrylic as the base.

Then paint something.... paint anything.
Don't think....just do it.
Paint lines, circles, swirls, dots, plumes, triangles, squares and 
any organic or odd shape that flows from you.

You may want to time yourself.
Setting a 10 -15 minute time limit helps you focus on painting fast and intuitively.

At first, it won't feel very comfortable and the finished piece might not look like much.... 
but like anything, the more you do it 
the more comfortable you will be with the freeform process.

freeform painting on a magazine page


Joanne said...

love this freeform way of painting -- I do it often -- I love this series Alma -- I discovered you in 21 secrets last year and learned lots of neat techniques --

Ana said...

This is SO cool. Brilliant.