Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We have had a total of three amazing cats ...Baby Boy, sadly died in September.
He was sick for a long time (liver cancer) and in a lot of pain.
I had to put him down... and that is all that I will say about it.
It was... and still is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
I really can't allow myself to think about it for too long.
It was heartbreaking, and it still is.

After I adopted Baby Boy, we got Ariel.
Ariel is the sweetest cat ever.....seriously.
Ariel is incredibly gentle and smart and the kind of cat
that just wants to love on you all day.
After Baby Boy passed, we decided to get Ariel a friend.

So let me introduce you to the latest Stoller....His name is Wolfgang,
but we also call him Wolfie... though lately that name has morphed in to Woovie.

We adopted him from our local ASPCA in November.
He still has a lot of kitty in him even though he is almost 2 years old now.
But don't be fooled by those big yellow eyes, he's a total rascal.
He gets into everything and pushes everything off the coffee table,
gnaws on every shoelace he sees, and is obsessed with hands and fingers.
....but he is such a sweet boy.
The great thing is that Ariel totally loves him....and Wolfie loves Ariel too.

What else can anyone want.

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