Sunday, September 1, 2013

visual inspiration:
how to make a stamp out of bottle caps

Needless to say, I have been collecting these for a good while now.
You'll be surprised how quickly it happens.

So start with a sturdy base. I like to use a soap box.
Tape it up with masking tape, and if you want to pretty it up, 
you can cover it up with snippets of paper.

You can also put those old cassette cases to use, 
simply tape the opening close and use it as the base for your stamp.

Use a very tacky glue ( or a glue gun) and then it is as easy as gluing down the bottle caps 
to the surface of your base item.

Let it dry and in no time you'll have a bottle cap stamp....made completely out of supplies
you would have thrown away anyway.

This is my collection of bottle cap stamps.....start your own.

and this is what it looks like when you put it to use.


Penney said...

So simple, yet so effective! I'll be making them tomorrow. Thanks, Alma!

Karen C said...

Super idea! I love circles too and these turned out great. So easy too! Thanks!!!

I was thinking about you yesterday when I was cleaning out a magazine bin and found a Fabric Arts Zine from 2005. It brought back happy memories!

Joanne said...

what a great idea -- I do use these, but individually -- never thought of gluing them on a board and doing several at one time -- you are such an inspiration alma

donnaj said...

great idea! i use one all the time but never thought to group them together.