Thursday, September 19, 2013

visual inspiration:
how to paint magazine pages

This is my latest piece. I painted it on a handmade canvas that I 
covered with painted magazine pages.

This painting is part of a mini series of classes that I am working on.
I will have more details about it soon.... but I wanted to share with you
that a big part of my process .....I'd say, 90% of it is all about recycling.
In this case, it is all about the hand painted magazine pages.

Painted magazine collage paper is a super easy, creative and eco-friendly way to
create your own supplies, but also....and perhaps most importantly, it is a way to
use supplies that are authentic to you.
Supplies that are made by YOU and that literally have your fingerprint all over it.

I encourage you to paint your own.
The video below is part of a series of videos where I show you how easy it is to 
create intuitively and fast.
The key is to just start.
Gather all of your favorite colors...and include black and white in the mix.
Have all of your supplies ready and accessible.

 Set the timer to 15 minutes, then paint something, paint anything.

Layer, layer and layer paint over paint....and don't be afraid to make a mess.
It's that simple.


Anonymous said...

a really beautiful painting.

Tameko said...

This is fabulous. You have inspired me to let go and paint, using what I already have. Thanks for sharing!