Friday, May 9, 2014

new online class:
The Painted Page
(part 2)

If you've ever taken a class with me you know that I DO NOT work on store bought materials.
I do not use watercolor paper, or fancy and expensive canvases..... my art journals are all handmade and I often make my own paints and adhesives... that is just the way I prefer to do it.
...or as my daughter says, "That's just the way I roll"

The Painted Page (part 1) is an incredibly fun class....full of ideas and inexpensive ways of creating with everyday items.... but after I finished recording the class,
I still had plenty of other ideas and projects to share. 

So, I've assembled it into my new online class called The Painted Page (part 2)
In this class we will be working on various different sizes of pages, making handmade canvases, painting on non-traditional surfaces, making collage paper, making your own ephemera, using all sorts of paints, inks, beeswax, resin, paper lace designs, and much more.

In this 15 video online class, we will explore all sorts of
mixed media applications using everyday items.

~here is a video sneak peek~

And here is one of the finished painted pages.

join me in:
The Painted Page (part1)
The Painted Page (part 2)

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Very interesting! Such a creatively freeing way of looking at it. Have a super day!