Thursday, May 22, 2014

how to make a stamp

While spring cleaning a few years ago, I found an entire box of cassette cases in my closet.
I completely forgot that I had these and decided to put them to use.
Ever since then, I've been repurposing cassette cases to make printing stamps.

supplies needed:

First, seal the cassette case with a strip of tape.

The craft foam that I prefer to use has a paper-backed adhesive side, so I like to stack up
about 3 to 4 sheets in order to make a stamp that
extends high above the cassette case and that is a bit thick.

Draw any kind of shape you want.
In this example, I am keeping it really simple, but you can get
quite detailed with this material by cutting into it with a wood burning tool.

Cut it out and assemble it on your cassette case.
Save any left over bits to make another stamp.

Print on paper or fabric.

You can use a brush to apply the paint directly on the stamp or use a paint pad.


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Anne said...

Wha a great idea to use the casette cases.
I do not get this sticky foam stuff over here (Germany) but I will use normal kraft foam and stick it together with double sided tape... Lets go.



Jen said...

Love, love,love these tutorials!