Tuesday, December 1, 2015

how to make a handmade canvas
by Alma Stoller

I love making my own art supplies. It is something that I have been teaching and blogging about for a  long time.  You can check this tutorial and this one, and this one.
But this post is more than a tutorial, it is an entire class on how to make a canvas out of recycleable materials. Its a super easy and inexpensive way of making your own mixed media painting surface.

This FREE online class consists of 3 videos. In this first video, I show you the supplies needed and the first step in making the frame for the canvas.

In this second video I show you how to make the paper canvas that goes over the frame created in video 1.

These are some of my handmade stencils and masks.

In this third video, I show you how to put it all together.

I hope that you have enjoyed this FREE online class.
For more information about my class called 101 Mixed Media Techniques where I teach you how to make other kinds of canvases, homemade glue, homemade paints, a table easel and much more.

Read more about it HERE


peggymcd said...

Thank you so much Alma, very much appreciated. I am looking at my foil packages in a new way. Going to try this. Thanks

*jean* said...

Thank you so much!! I have learned so much from you, I never look at cereal boxes etc. as "garbage" anymore. I reuse them in all kinds of ways, thanks to you. Cheers.