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Welcome to the STITCHED registration page.

STITCHED 2015 consists of:

-seven online classes by an eclectic group of artists.
Hanna Andersson, Lynn Krawczyk, Celeste Beck, 
Lesley Riley, Lidija Miklavcic, Carrie Payne and Carmi Cimicata.

-In addition, I will post a new online class every month for the entire year.
Here is my list of monthly classes:

March: The Ladies of the Canyon (Art Quilt)
April: Random Stitch Crochet
May: Fabric Beads
June: Needle Tatting
July: Art Yarn Making (the Alma Stoller way)
August: Odd Birds
September: Silk Ribbon Embroidery
October: She's So Unusual (Art Quilt)
November: The Taxidermist's Apprentice ( an Art Doll Class)
December: Handmade Winter Wear
January: Lace Making
February: Home Decor Basics
March: Rag and Scrap Quilts

- There will also be a 12 x 12 Block-of-the-Month every month.

- and 6 giveaway prizes that any registered STITCHED student can win.

STITCHED class by Carrie Payne
STITCHED class by Hanna Anderson
STITCHED class by Lesley Riley
STITCHED class by Celeste Beck
STITCHED class by Lidija Miklavcic
STITCHED class by Lynn Krawczyk 
STITCHED class by Carmi Cimicata

STITCHED 2015 will last an entire year. 
You have access to all the STITCHED videos for an entire year. 
It starts March 1st 2015 and ends March 1st, 2016. 
It is hosted in a private site, where you can post photos, comment and ask questions.
As always, my goal is to provide high value and high content classes. That is why STITCHED 2015 consists of over 25 online video instructions for only 89.00 dollars.
STITCHED videos are not downloadable.

Register for STITCHED 2015

(no refunds or exchanges after February 27th 2015)


Erin Fish said...

Looking forward to Stitched 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally Criswell said...

I'm excited to join this group. Celeste is one of my most favorite instructors! Sally

cathwren said...

The class sounds wonderful. The itinerary looks like it will offer a variety of learning opportunities. Looking forward to getting started.

Darlene Campbell said...

This looks exciting. Wondering if we have forever access to the videos?

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Darlene,

As noted, STITCHED lasts an entire year.
From March 1st 2015- March 1st 2016

All the STITCHED videos will be visible for a year.



Darlene Campbell said...

Ah yes, now I see that note. Thanks Alma.